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The Fob Store Cloner

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Say goodbye to outdated key fobs and expensive replacements from the leasing office – you can now turn your phone into a key FOB with just a few simple steps. No need to rely on an old and potentially unreliable key FOB or pay for a new one if you've lost it. Simply follow these three easy steps to create a key FOB for your phone and have a convenient and secure way to access your condo or apartment building.


If you've ever lost your key fob or had to pay for a replacement from your leasing office, you know how frustrating it can be. But with The FOB Store cloner, you can turn your phone into a key fob in just three easy steps! The FOB Store cloner is the latest innovation in apartment key fob replacement technology. Never worry about losing your key fob again, or having to pay for a replacement. With The FOB Store cloner, you can make a new key fob anytime, anywhere.

The process is simple: 

1. Scan Your Existing FOB

First grab your old and outdated existing FOB from your condo or apartment leasing office and scan it with your new FOB Store RFID reader writer to store your original FOB information. 

2. Time To Clone Rewritable Coin Tag 3M Adhesive Back

Now it’s time to write the old information on your new rewritable Coin tag Adhesive Back, to do that you will hold the rewritable Coin to the back of the FOB Store RFID reader writer and simply push write.

3. Apply Coin Tag With 3M Adhesive Side To Your Phone Case

That's it! You can now test your new FOB on your phone out. This FOB will work exactly like the original FOB, remember it’s a clone so if you change the original you will have to do this steps again. And because The FOB Store cloner uses cutting-edge RFID technology, you can be sure your new key fob will work just like your old one.

"So why wait? Get The FOB Store cloner today and never worry about losing your key fob again!"